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Clean Room Panel

Talford Clean Room Panel

Talford Clean Room Panel is made of non-combustible material and finished with a special coating, giving it the ideal panel system for a super clean environment such as Bio Clean Room in which non-combustibility, anti-static capabilities, soundproof and insulating capabilities are required.




Perfect Airtight Effect
Talford Clean Room Panels demonstrate a high airtight effect as each panel are manufactured to standard specifications and are precisely installed and assembled together, using the related parts precisely designed for those panels.


No Static Problems
Because they are coated with a special anti-static coating, Talford Clean Room Panels always maintain very low surface electric resistively and thus processes anti-static capabilities.


No Dust or Germs
With the anti-static coating, Talford Clean Room Panels attract no dust. The surfaces are treated so smooth that they do not offer any room for germs to inhabit. These two special aspects help to preparing a highly hygienic space.


Excellent Corrosion and Chemical Resistance
Talford Clean Room Panels have excellent corrosion and chemical resisting features.


Fire Safety
Talford Clean Panel is made of non-combustible material using gypsum boards as its internal part, and thus making it free from the risk of fire.


Easiness in the Setting-Up, Disassembly, Expansion, and Relocation of Panels
Talford Clean Room Panels come in a simple pre-fabricated system, which can be easily disassembled and relocated.


Perfectly Waterproof and Damp-proof
Talford Clean Room Panels produce thorough waterproofing and damp-proofing effects since the surface of the steel sheets are moisture resistance, while all junctions are perfectly airtight.


High Energy-Saving Effect
With a higher insulation effect than those of other construction materials, Talford Clean Room Panels saves electricity costs as well as enabling easier control of room temperature.


Low Construction Cost
Talford Clean Room Panels guarantee a great reduction in construction costs thanks to its standardization and modularization.