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Aluminium Honeycomb Panel

Fiber-X Aluminum Honeycomb Panel

Aluminum honeycomb is a material which is constructed of innumerable thin aluminum hexagonal columns gathered in a honeycomb form. Although the surface of this aluminum honeycomb is made of iron, aluminum, melamine, and other resin plates bonded in sandwich manner, it is very light due to its total capacity ratio which consists of 97% air and 3% aluminum.

The Fiber-X panel (aluminum honeycomb sandwich composite panel) is designed and produced to endure external load such as a strong gust of wind, typhoon and an artificial load by distributing uniformly the external concentrated load in the internal hexagonal core columns.

The strength of a dynamic Fiber-X panel is as strong as iron material of the same thickness. All of the technology in the production of Fiber-X panel is based on the technology confirmed by McDonnell Douglass and Boeing of the USA.


High Rigidity
The stable hexagonal structure of the honeycomb used as the core material in sandwich structures is capable of enduring external force disturbances such as typhoons without any significant deformation of the material. The rigidity and strength can be controlled flexibly by adjusting the thickness and type of each component.

Due to the number of hexagonal columns which prevents error, perfect smoothness can be obtained. Smoothness is increased as thickness is increased, giving external beauty to a high-story building.

Light Weight
The honeycomb core material which consists of 97% air space makes it as light as paper.

Unlike the core of other composite panels which is made of inflammable plastic, the core of Fiber-X panel is safe since it is made of aluminum alloy.

Due to its excellent compression and tensile strengths, the structure of honeycomb is strong enough to be used without the use of armature, therefore decreasing the cost of armature and the possible use of large-scale panels, hence decreases labor costs.

It is superior compared to other materials because the use of honeycomb core minimizes the heat transfer between sheets and the heat transfer is mostly insulated by forming air pocket.

Excellent durability and high stability with respect to chemical damage, making it superior to be used to constructions materials in highly polluted areas without any repair. Cleaning can be done very simply by using water, detergent, and a sponge.

Color uniformity is maintained not only by the coil coating, but also by the use of F-resin paint (PVdF, Kynar-500), which has been proved internationally as superior material, preventing any change in color for long periods of time.