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Burn Barrier 166

Burn Barrier #166 F.R. Varnish

BURN BARRIER 166 is a clear satin finish fire retardant varnish having a Class “A” Underwriters’ Laboratory flame spread rating. Use it on wood surfaces!

When exposed to flame or high heat, the coating puffs up to form a thick insulating cellular foam. This foam layer retards the penetration of heat, thereby reducing the flame spread (surface burning characteristics) and smoke development of combustible materials.

BURN BARRIER 166 is designed for use on interior wood surfaces where it is desirous to maintain the natural wood appearance, while obtaining a Class “A” flame spread rating.


BURN BARRIER™ 166 is suitable for use on wall paneling, ceiling panels and other such surfaces. We do not recommend this product for use on floors, doors, shelving, or in areas where there will be exposure to excessive moisture or splashing of water, as the coating is somewhat softer than conventional varnishes.


BURN BARRIER™ 166 dries to a clear velvety satin finish. All surfaces that will be subjected to handling, washing or where a low, semi or hi-gloss finish is desired, should be overcoated with BURN BARRIER™ 167 UL rated Fire Retardant Varnish Overcoat. The use of BURN BARRIER™ 167 Overcoat greatly improved the moisture resistance, durability and cleansibility of BURN BARRIER™ 166.


Surface Preparation:


(New Work Previously uncoated surfaces)


All surfaces must be dry, clean, free of all wax, grease, dirt, sanding dust, etc. If staining is desired, the use of non-bleeding type stains are recommended. All surfaces should be thoroughly sealed with BURN BARRIER™ 6 Clear Wood Sealer. Allow the surface to thoroughly dry before proceeding with the application of BURN BARRIER™ 166. It is recommended that a representative sample of the system be prepared prior to staring the project.


(Old Work Previously coated surfaces)


All surfaces which have been previously coated with a conventional coating (this includes prefinished wood paneling), must be washed down with mineral spirits or other suitable solution, to remove all wax, grease,etc. Lightly sand or steel wool all glossy surfaces, test patch small areas, if old coating is not affected, proceed with the application of BURN BARRIER™ 166. If old coating is affected, it will be necessary to completely remove the coating before applying BURN BARRIER™ 166.


NOTE: On prefinished wood paneling, it may be necessary to seal the grooved areas, as most panel manufacturers only stain these areas and the grooves are highly porous.




BURN BARRIER™ 166 can be applied by brush, conventional or airless spray. On wood paneling and other large surface areas, spray application is suggested as it will yield a more uniform finish. When spray applied the use of heavy duty spray equipment is recommended.


Should thinning be required for spray application, use only BURN BARRIER™ 166 Reducer. After surface preparation has been carried out, apply a uniform coat of BURN BARRIER™ 166 without dilution, at a coverage rate of 300 sf/US gallon (7.4 m IL). Allow the surface to dry a minimum of 16 hours, or until hard. Then apply another coat as above. NOTE TWO COATS ARE REQUIRED. If the surface is to be over coated with BURN BARRIER™ 167 Overcoat, allow at least 48 hours drying time before applying BURN BARRIER™ 167 Thinners: For thinning and cleaning equipment, use only BURN BARRIER™ 166 Reducer.


CAUTION: The liquid coating contains volatile (combustible) solvents. Due care must be exercised during and after application until coating is dry.


Fire Tests:


Flame Spread Rating, Class “A”. When tested in accordance with ASTM E84 (NFPA255) the coating obtained the following fire hazard classification. A complete report from the UNDERWRITERS’ LABORATORIES is available upon request.


 When Applied to Douglas Fir 
Coating System DetailsFlame FSCSpread GWLSmoke DevelopedFuel Contr.
Type 6 (sealer) applied in one coat a 400 sf/US/gal.    
(9.8 m2/L)Type 166 (base coat) applied in two coats at 300 sq/US gal. per coat (7.4m2/L) (No topcoat)25155015
Type 6 (sealer) applied in one coat a 400 sq/US gal. (9.8 m 2/L)    
Type 167 (top coat) applied in one coat at 600 sq.US gal. (44.2 m2/L)251530-5010
*Flame Spread Ratings
FSC = Canadian Rating (GWL) = U. S. Rating