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Burn Barrier 167

Burn Barrier #167 Varnish Overcoat (Semi-Gloss)

BURN BARRIER™ 167 Overcoat has been tested and rated by the Underwriter’s Laboratories as an overcoat for BURN BARRIER™ 166 Class “A” Fire Retardant “Intumescent” Varnish.

BURN BARRIER™ 167 is available in three distinctive sheens, i.e. low, semi or hi-gloss The use of BURN BARRIER™ 167 as a topcoat over BURN BARRIER ™ 166 greatly improves the moisture resistance, durability, and cleansibility of BURN BARRIER™ 166.

We recommend that BURN BARRIER™ 167 be used over BURN BARRIER ™ 166 on all surfaces that will be subjected to washing, handling or where a low, semi or hi-gloss finish is desired.


NOTE: Surface Preparation:
After the application of BURN BARRIER™ 166 Class “A” Fire Retardant “Intumescent” Varnish has been completed, allow the surface to dry a minimum of 48 hours. Remove all dust, dirt, etc., from the surface, before applying BURN BARRIER™ 167 Overcoat.


Burn Barrier 167 Application: 

BURN BARRIER™ 167 Overcoat can be applied by brush, roller or spray. Stir material well before using, then apply a uniform coat at a coverage rate up to 600 sq. ft./gal. In hard use areas or where excessive wear is expected, a second coat is suggested. Allow at least 24 hours drying time between coats.


For thinning use only BURN BARRIER™ 167 reducer. MINERAL SPIRITS or BURN BARRIER™ 167 Reducer maybe used for cleaning.


Adequate ventilation must be provided during and after application, until the coating has dried. Avoid breathing vapors or spray mist.


The liquid coating contains volatile (combustible) solvents. Due care must be exercised during and after application until coating is dry.


Fire Tests:
Flame Spread Rating: Class “A”, when applied as a topcoat over BURN BARRIER™ 166 and tested in accordance with ASTM E84 (NFPA255) the coating system obtained the following fire hazard classification. A complete report from the Underwriters’ Laboratories is available upon request.




Coating System Details(when Applied to Douglas Fir)
Type 6 (sealer) applied in one
coat at 400 sq. ft./gallon
Type 166 (base coat) applied in
two coats at 300 sq. ft./gallon
per coat
Type 167 (top coat) applied in
one coat at 600 sq. ft./gallon

*Flame Spread RatingsFSC = Canadian Ratings
(GWL) = U.S. Ratings

Standard packaging, 1 gallon, 5 gallon and 55 gallon containers.


Information provided herein is based on tests believed to be reliable. Inasmuch as Fire Retardants Inc. has no control over the use or application to which others may put this material, we make no guarantee or warranty. Our products are sold on the condition that each user of the material make their own evaluation to determine the material’s suitability for their own particular use.


NOTE: All porous surfaces should be properly sealed before applying fire retardant paint or varnish.


CAUTION: It is recommended that a test application be completed prior to end use.