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Burn Barrier CP

Burn Barrier CP

BURN BARRIER CP is a special fire-retardant for Fire-Retarding synthetic materials. Synthetic fabrics are difficult to treat and CP was formulated specifically for this purpose.

BURN BARRIER™–CP can be used on drapes, curtains, wall hangings, and upholstery made of polyester, cotton-polyester, acetate, and acrylic materials.


This product is supplied as a solution and should not be diluted. Some testing is necessary prior to the final application due to variations in fabrics.


Testing for color-fastness should be done to ensure that the fabric will maintain it’s color and beauty after it is treated.


Fabrics that are treated with CP are usually not affected by dry cleaning, but it is necessary to retreat fabrics that are laundered.


One gallon of CP will treat approximately 100 square feet of heavy material and 200 square feet of light material. The following type of application methods may be used: Immersion – used mainly for treating bolt goods. Spraying – any sprayer that is capable of spraying water is suitable for use with CP. A Hudson type garden sprayer, a small hand type sprayer, and compressor driven spray equipment will all produce good results.


Shrinkage should be figured the same as for fabric wet with water and air dried.


Information provided herein is based on tests believed to be reliable. Inasmuch as Fire Retardants Inc. has no control over the use or application to which others may put this material, we make no guarantee or warranty. Our products are sold on the condition that each user of the material make their own evaluation to determine the material’s suitability for their own particular use.


CAUTION: It is recommended that a test application be completed prior to end use. In some cases Burn Barrier CP can cause corrosion to metal. It can take as long as 4-5 months to show up. Please note the intended use of this product is listed above. All other materials Burn Barrier CP is put on must be tested.