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Sandwich Wall Panel

Talford Metal Composite Wall Panel

Talford Metal Composite Wall Panel can be applied to various facade applications such as office buildings, industrial and commercial constructions.

This metal composite panel is a large-sized flat panel system which was developed with high technology and Talford’s know-how gained by experiences in producing rockwool core. Talford Metal Composite Panel is constructed with quality materials such as PVF2 coated galvanized steel sheets or aluminum sheet, and stainless steel skins etc.

Product Types:

Composite Panel – Stainless Type

With its low heat conductivity and quality to withstand extreme temperatures, Talford Stainless Steel Composite Panel can be applied to any construction work and at any construction site. In addition, the panels can prevent stains from air pollution and silicone, and this makes it easy to clean and maintain the building clean.

  • various surface textures
  • outstanding high solidity
  • fire and heat resistance
  • high abrasion quality

Composite Panel – Galvanized Steel Sheet Skin Type


Talford Steel composite Panel increases its solidity by using galvanized steel sheet skins coated with fluorine resin, this metal composite panel makes the construction work easy and economical, and thus saves time and labor at construction sites.

  • high solidity
  • fluorine resin coated skins
  • smooth and refined features
  • various colors
  • long lasting