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StoCrete PCR Concrete Repair Mortar


StoCrete PCR Concrete Repair Mortar

One-component, polymer modified standard structural repair mortar

Area of application

  • For horizontal, vertical and overhead patching of spalled concrete
  • To repair concrete in accordance with the Sto Repair System


  • Ease of use requiring only addition of water
  • Low permeability giving optimum protection to steel reinforcement from chlorides ingress
  • Shrinkage compensated for large application
  • High bond strength to parent concrete
  • Application thickness of approximately 10 – 40mm vertical and 10 – 25mm overhead achieved in one operation
  • Good workability and water retentivity preventing dry out phenomena
  • Suitable for both interior and exterior applications

Approx. consumption

  • The consumption rate is approx. 1.8 kg/mm2 per mm layer thickness 


Technical Data Sheets