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StoCrete SBR Bonding Agent


StoCrete SBR Bonding Agent

Concentrated polymer bonding agent and admixture based on styrene butadiene rubber

Area of application

  • As a bonding slurries for floor toppings, renders and mortars to concrete substrate
  • As a bonding aid for tiles and slip bricks
  • As a polymer admixture for cementitious mixes for use in the repair of cracked or worn concrete and cement mixes
  • Incorporated to produce modified floor screeds


  • Ease of application
  • Economical
  • Water resistance
  • Improves durability of mixes and can be used to produce weather-resistant systems for external use
  • Excellent adhesion of mixes to concrete, plaster and masonry
  • Gives high tensile and flexural properties of mixes, which enhances thin applications
  • Improves resistance against mineral oil, dilute salts and many other chemicals due to reduction in permeability
  • Reduce cracking through increased mortar flexibility

Approx. consumption

The typical mix design table gives an approximate consumption of StoCrete SBR for different type of mixes. 


As bonding agent, it covers about 18 – 24 m2/litre.


For bond slurry, the coverage is approximately 6 – 9 m2/litre of slurry mix depending on the substrate.



Technical Data Sheets