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StoPox TEP Multi-Top Epoxy Polyurethane Topping

Floor Toppings

StoPox TEP Multi-Top Crack-Bridging Epoxy Polyurethane Topping

Crack-bridging epoxy polyurethane topping

Area of application

As a wear resistant and crack bridging coating/topping for sealing of trafficable floor surfaces in

  • Multi-storey carparks
  • Underground carparks
  • Carpark ramps
  • Bridge boards
  • Cycle path


Form as a flexible membrane and wearing coat in one product

  • Single coat application unfilled self-levelling layer
  • Resistance to all substances normally found in multi-storey carparks
  • Weather resistant
  • Excellent resistance against wear and abrasion
  • Waterproof and abrasion layer suitable for use in carparks and underground carparks

Approx. consumption:

Self-levelling layer : 1.30 kg/m²/mm

Finish and abrasion layer : 1.05 kg/m²/mm

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Spiked Roller


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