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Precious Stones

Precious Stones - Enhance Modern, Beauty and Rarity Architecture

The Most Prestigious Marble, Noble and Sophisticated Stones with Precious Patterns


Handmade Material in a Quest for Fine Characterization, Unique Elegance and Precious Exclusivity


Slim Extraordinary Thickness, Light Sources Go Through, Giving Out Ethereal and Tenuous Mark

Features of Precious Stones:

  • Light source can go through
  • Create imaginative, unique, elegant interior design
  • Appealing coating gives the surface precious shine and gloss
  • Guarantee aesthetic luxury with the best technological qualities
  • Vast range available creating own design and personalize the spaces
  • New elements of amalgams, weaves, fragments and crystals lighten the rooms
  • Suitable for customizing feature walls, ceilings, tables, wings and back-lighted partitions
  • Large 3,000mm x 1,500mm x 750mm format create interior designs with an extraordinary impact