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StoColor Climasan Fresh Air Interior Paint

StoColor Climasan - The Active Fresh Air Paint

Physiologically harmless, odour-reducing, dead-matt interior dispersion paint, wet scrub resistance 2 and hiding power 1 in accordance with EN 13300

The air is cleaned by simply switching on the light. Sto’s active interior paint eliminates odours and breaks down harmful substances. What is really unique is that StoColor Climasan is the first and currently only interior paint to do so without the need for sunlight. Standard interior lighting is sufficient to initiate the cleaning process. The result is a noticeable improvement in the ambient air quality, including in heavily frequented areas such as kitchens, sales rooms and smoking areas.

Area of application

  • interior
  • for wall and ceiling surfaces with a sufficient light source
  • particularly suitable for rooms with a high odour level and for contaminated rooms


  • breaks down organic pollutants and odours
  • effective without UV light
  • very good hiding power
  • resistant to surface disinfectants
  • solvent- and plasticiser-free, low in emissions
  • TÜV seal of quality – externally monitored
  • free of fogging-active substances


aged white AW11/AW15, RAL 9010, RAL 9016, NCS S 0500N are tinted variants but cost the same as white



dead-matt in accordance with EN 13300



white; aged white AW11/AW15; STH01 (RAL 9010); STH02 (NCS S 0500N), StoColor System – begrenzte Farbtonauswahl



paint, by roll, by airless spray-gun

Airless Spraying
Limited Color Choice



Technical Datasheet

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