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Byucksan Glass Fibers and Rockwool Insulation

Byucksan Glass Fibers and Rockwool Insulation

Glass Fiber Insulation


Having been the first to produce by means of the rotating-type process in Korea, Byucksan Glass Fiber Insulation is thin, uniform, and has no glass prickles. It has better insulation and sound absorption features than other insulators because it has more fibers for the same density. As a result of extensive research, its insulation feature has been enhanced by supplementing the weak features of the conventional glass fiber insulation, making it completely water proof.


Excellent Insulation Features
It contains more air than the conventional one, so insulates heat 40 times more than cement and 12 times more than mud-plastered walls, saving customers more than half of the heating and cooling expenses.

Excellent Sound Absorbing Power and Elasticity
The excellent sound absorbing power will cut off outside noise, making room interior quiet and peaceful, while the strong elasticity protests the building from outside shocks or vibrations.

Very Safe and Incombustible

It is safe because it has no glass prickles. In addition, it is fireproof as well as waterproof, minimizing damages during a potential fire break out.

Economic and Features a High Tensile Strength

It is packaged under pressure, making it extremely maintainable while easily transportable, reducing construction cost. It has a high tensile strength, allowing it to be processed freely and stand independently.


Rockwool Insulation Material


Byucksan’s Rockwool is made of calcium silicate ores, fused at high temperatures. It can be used in various applications, including electric power, iron and steel plants, tanks, apartments with air conditioning, insulation, and sanitary facilities. It has excellent stability and low thermal conductivity.



Heat Insulation
Because it is composed of minute, 5µ fiber, its thermal conductivity is very low and its insulation efficiency is excellent.


Sound Absorbing
It has a superior sound absorption feature, due to its high density and the air within the fibers. It can also be used to intercept noise in partitions.


It never burns and has a high heat resistance of over 600oC.


Easy To Control
It can be easily cut with a cutter, yet it is not easily destroyed because of its flexibility.


It does not absorb moisture in the air and is waterproof, due to its stable texture.