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Sandwich Roof Panel

Metal Composite Roof Panel

Talford has always been supplying high quality “structural insulated sandwich panels” using rigid rockwool as the core material. Talford will continue to produce sandwiched panels with outstanding qualities, and as part of our value-added services, we also provide design assistance.


With our outstanding technological know-how, Talford always provides satisfaction in function and through very stringent inspection.  Our high quality metal composite roof panel comprises of pre-painted galvanized steel sheets or pre-coated aluminum sheet on both sides permanently adhered to the central insulation core, which are made with non-combustible and fire-rated grade material.


  • Effective control on construction cost
  • Outstanding insulation effects and condensation-proof
  • Excellent energy-saving and cost-effectiveness
  • Lightweight, self-structural high strength
  • Easy-erection and rapid assembly 
  • Extremely low thermal conductivity