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Quiet Floor NP Sound Control Floor Underlayment

Quiet-Floor NP™ Sound Control Floor Underlayment

How do you keep your floors soundproof? No secret. Install QUIET FLOOR NP sound control floor underlayment for excellent results in floor isolation and superior sound control.

Sound Control Floor Underlayment
  • Cost Effective
  • Recycled Rubber Material
  • High Performance Noise Control
MATERIAL Recycled rubber
PATTERN Flat sanded face, performance engineered, diagonal grooves
FEATURES Quiet-Floor underlayment’s grooved underside minimizes underlay contact between finished materials and sub-floor. Reduces ceramic tile breakage caused by cracking and fissuring of concrete slabs. This rubber floor underlayment provides excellent floor to floor soundproofing.
APPLICATIONS Quiet-Floor underlayment for use as a subfloor in new and renovation construction projects. Reduces impact noise and vibrations while reducing airborne sound transmission. Acoustic floor underlayment is great under hardwood, ceramic or carpet. This acoustical underlayment can be used as finished floor.
SIZES Nominal 4′×6′
WEIGHT 65 lb.
THERMAL RESISTANCE R 2/inch 100% vapor barrier
INSTALLATION Use Mapei W55 adhesive to Adhere, the “groove side” of Quiet Floor to your sub floor. Allow 24-48 hours for adhesive to cure. It is recommended that another layer of marine grade or exterior grade plywood be adhered (with Mapei W55) to the “flat” or top side of the underlayment before installing the finish floor. In some installations, a finish floor can be adhered to the top of the Quiet Floor NP. Please consult a sales representative with specific installation questions.
Diagram Key
13/4″ Wood Flooring
2Floor Furring Strip – 5/8″×3-1/2″ every 10″
3Quiet Floor NP – 1/2″ Sanded Top
4Light Concrete Floor Slab – 1-1/2″
5Insulation Board
63/4″ or 5/8″ Plywood
7Joist or Beam
8Acoustic Wool – 6″
9Flexible Bar
102 Layers Gypsum Board
111 Layer Gypsum Board
13Recommended Cement
14Recommended Glue
15Concrete Floor Slab – 11″



Acoustical Performance
Diagram 16370
Diagram 25561
Diagram 36455
Diagram 457* 
*Note: Original FIIC for concrete slab only FIIC 37