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Art Acoustical Wood Panel

Art Acoustical Wood Panel

Unlike conventional acoustic panels that are not valued for their aesthetics, for now the art form acoustic panel uses a totally new way of design thereby widening the field of design possibilities combines the beauty of natural wood with superior sound control. With decorative patterns inspired by natural or textile related elements to attain design interest. The aesthetic appearance is preserved while offering high acoustic performances.


These are acoustic wall art panels used by home-owners, designers, architects, and engineers alike to control noise and absorb sound for purposes of acoustics, simultaneously, makes these acoustic wall art panels the safe and best choice for acoustic treatments. We understand that not every place was designed with acoustics in mind, but we can help you to mitigate harsh acoustics easily, on a budget, and with elegance.



Type: amplitude, crackling, frequency, wave and rhythm
Surface: natural veneer / formica laminate / melamine
Core: incombustible SuperCore / flame retardant MDF
Panel Density: 1100kg/m³,770kg/m³
Panel Size:standard 600*600 / 600*1200mm
Max. 1200*2400mm or TBD
Panel Thickness: 15mm / 18mm
Edges: all sides grooved / 90°square or TBD
(depends on the panel installation system)
Acoustic Felt: non-wovens based on SoundtexFreudenberg