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Howsolpan Aluminium Composite Panel

Howsolpan Aluminium Composite Panel



Light Weight and High Rigidity
Suitable for both, new building and remodeling works as HOWSOLPAN is much lighter and less stressful to structure.


Excellent Flatness
The continuous production process and unique technology of adhesion can guarantee together with dual sandwich structure composed of two aluminum sheets and PE core, and it should not be compared with other products.

Variety, Elegance and Uniformity of Color
All colors are available as custom-made product upon clients’ request. Roll coating system of high technology offers perfect color uniformity.


Excellent Fabrication and Installation
As fabrication works such as bending, folding, bending and rounding are extremely easy, it is suitable for precise installation in accordance with designer’s intention.


Excellent Proof for Sound, Dust and Heat Conduct
Numerous cell structures between 2 sheets of Aluminum Composite Panels with high polymeric and nontoxic P.E. resin core will function for the above.


Easy Maintenance
While PVDF is excellent for the protection of building surfaces, the contaminants such as smoke and dust can be easily washable with normal synthetic detergent.


Density: 2.72 kg/m2
Tensile Strength: Rm ≥ 140N/mm2
Loop Strength: Rp 0.2 ≥ 100N/mm2
Elongation : A50 ≥ 1%







5.50 kg/m2


1.36 g/cm2

Tensile Strength

KS B 0802

5.51 kgf/mm2


Yield Strength


5.1 kg/mm2






Flexural Elasticity


4080 kg/mm2

ASTM D 393

Thermal Conductivity
(Average 20±5oC)

KS L 9016

0.19 kcal/m.hr.oC

ASTM D 976

Deflection Temperature

KS F 2263


ASTM D 648

Linear Expansion

KS F 2263


ASTM D 696

Bending Moment

KS F 2263

70 kgf/cm

Bending Strength

KS F 2263

1.075 kgf/cm2

Peel Adhesive Strength

KS F 4737

25 kgf/25mm


HOWSOLPAN is excellent in sound transmission loss comparing with other materials such as steel, pure aluminum and plywood, which illustrates in the chart below.


The basic color is Kynar 500 painting being treated by means of roll coating.
Gloss 25 ±5
CCE 11x11mm,6mm draw No peel off
Pencil Hardness 45 (Mitsubishi Unison) H KS D 0254 ASTM D3363-74
Flexibility T-Bending 1-T No Crack ASTM D 4145-83
Impact Test 1000g x Φ12.7mm x 500 mmH No peel off
Chemical 5% Hcl, H2SO4 x 72 Hrs Good ASTM D-1308-87
Resistance 5% NaOH x 72 Hrs Good  –
Salt Water Spray 5% Nacl x 5000 Hrs Good ASTM D-B117-90<
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Clean Room Panel

Talford Clean Room Panel

Talford Clean Room Panel is made of non-combustible material and finished with a special coating, giving it the ideal panel system for a super clean environment such as Bio Clean Room in which non-combustibility, anti-static capabilities, soundproof and insulating capabilities are required.




Perfect Airtight Effect
Talford Clean Room Panels demonstrate a high airtight effect as each panel are manufactured to standard specifications and are precisely installed and assembled together, using the related parts precisely designed for those panels.


No Static Problems
Because they are coated with a special anti-static coating, Talford Clean Room Panels always maintain very low surface electric resistively and thus processes anti-static capabilities.


No Dust or Germs
With the anti-static coating, Talford Clean Room Panels attract no dust. The surfaces are treated so smooth that they do not offer any room for germs to inhabit. These two special aspects help to preparing a highly hygienic space.


Excellent Corrosion and Chemical Resistance
Talford Clean Room Panels have excellent corrosion and chemical resisting features.


Fire Safety
Talford Clean Panel is made of non-combustible material using gypsum boards as its internal part, and thus making it free from the risk of fire.


Easiness in the Setting-Up, Disassembly, Expansion, and Relocation of Panels
Talford Clean Room Panels come in a simple pre-fabricated system, which can be easily disassembled and relocated.


Perfectly Waterproof and Damp-proof
Talford Clean Room Panels produce thorough waterproofing and damp-proofing effects since the surface of the steel sheets are moisture resistance, while all junctions are perfectly airtight.


High Energy-Saving Effect
With a higher insulation effect than those of other construction materials, Talford Clean Room Panels saves electricity costs as well as enabling easier control of room temperature.


Low Construction Cost
Talford Clean Room Panels guarantee a great reduction in construction costs thanks to its standardization and modularization. 

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Aluminium Cladding Panel

Aluminium Cladding Panel

Pre-painted aluminum rain-screen cladding is the ideal facade panel for new and renovated buildings. The 3 or 4mm thick panel is completely flat, exhibits low stress levels, and can be modified for any given structure because of its good formability.

Quality assurance measures comply with DIN ISO 9001 and our pre-painted aluminum panel is coated with PVdF (polyvinylidene fluoride) systems. These paint systems feature high color stability and gloss retention. A 2-layer coating is employed for standard color tones while a 4-layer coating for metallic colors.

Quality assurance measures comply with DIN ISO 9001 and our pre-painted aluminum panel is coated with PVdF (polyvinylidene fluoride) systems. These paint systems feature high color stability and gloss retention. A 2-layer coating is employed for standard color tones while a 4-layer coating for metallic colors.

The absolutely smooth surface prevents excessive contamination and allows the facades to be cleaned effortlessly using environmentally sound principles. PVDF coated panels are provided as standard with a strippable, white, UV-resistant protective film. This film is easily removed after installation.

The material is environment and groundwater friendly and can be recycled. One of the outstanding features of aluminum cladding panel is sound-deadened and is particularly suitable where additional sound insulation is required, e.g. hospitals, rest homes etc., but also for window sills and fascias of normal buildings.

The ultra-modern machinery enables our Principal to supply the best quality products such as coiled sheet, embossed sheet, and sheet and plate in various applications for both exterior and interior construction, automobile, aerospace and defense industry.

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